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Steinberg Tales is a collection of sample-based instruments for HALion, Steinberg's software sampler. The content for Steinberg Tales is created using
Steinberg Tales is a collection of sample-based instruments for HALion, Steinberg's software sampler. The content for Steinberg Tales is created using various techniques, including recording acoustic instruments and processing them with digital effects, synthesizing sounds using software synthesizers, and manipulating found sounds.

Tell all your Tales with a very special handmade, open tuned guitar for HALion. Each string was tuned and sampled using only open strings, resulting in a very warm and intimate sound, with long natural sustain. Play this guitar the way you would play a piano, blending the astonishingly articulated sounds with amazingly crafted textures. Musical storytelling has again become intuitive and a lot of fun

The idea behind Tales

The essence of this instrument is the intimate sound of a classical guitar, sampled with a very special technique. By recording only open strings which were tuned to different pitches, it was possible to capture the guitar with the purest quality and all its subtle emotions. It is complemented by a curated palette of custom-made textures, ranging from FM to granular and sampled instruments, all designed to spark instant inspiration while composing.

The Guitar

The Tales guitar was the last recording session in Hamburg’s legendary Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Studios before the building was destroyed by a gas explosion. The studio was perfect for the intimate sound of this handpicked guitar and resulted in an instrument with a very pronounced attack, different for every articulation, and the beautiful naturalistic decay of the now lost studio. The guitar was sampled with open tuned strings at different pitches, to obtain a particular long sustain for each note. This approach also made it possible to record the guitar with an extended range of pitches, providing plenty of flexibility for finding new musical ideas.

The Textures

The textures make perfect use of HALion’s powerful features like granular, FM and wavetable synthesis or the sample engine. The sample-based textures include specially designed and recorded sounds from instruments, orchestral elements, and rare hardware units, including physical modeled sounds that complement the guitar particularly well.

The content creation process generally involves the following steps:

Conceptualization: The sound designers and musicians working on Steinberg Tales will brainstorm and come up with ideas for the instruments they want to create. They will consider the genre of music, the intended use of the instrument, and the sonic characteristics they want to achieve.

Recording: For acoustic instruments, the sound designers will record samples using high-quality microphones and recording equipment. They will capture multiple velocity layers for each note, as well as various articulations (e.g. legato, staccato, tremolo) to ensure the instrument sounds realistic and expressive.

Editing and Processing: The recorded samples are then edited and processed using digital effects and software. For example, the sound designers might apply EQ, compression, reverb, or distortion to the samples to alter their tonal qualities or add character.

Programming: Once the samples are edited and processed, they are loaded into HALion and programmed using its scripting language. The sound designers can use HALion's various tools and features to create complex instruments that respond to different playing techniques and can be played expressively.

Testing and Refinement: The instruments are then tested and refined to ensure they work as intended and sound good in a mix. Any bugs or issues are fixed, and the instruments are fine-tuned to provide the best possible sound and performance.

Overall, creating content for Steinberg Tales requires a lot of skill, creativity, and attention to detail, but the end result is a collection of high-quality instruments that can inspire musicians and producers to create new music.

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